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It seems that from the beginning of time, humans have worked to domesticate nature. Canines have long been part of this practice.


It is believed that all of the breeds of dog we enjoy today originated from a wild generic kind of dog that, through careful selection and specialized breeding programs, have been developed into each of the breeds we have today. Each breed developed has been done to primarily serve a specific purpose or two. A good breeding program can concentrate and reproduce traits and confirmations desirable to accomplish that purpose or purposes. 

Some of these categories include companion dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, and working dogs. Today in most parts of the Americas our four legged friends serve a role more like that of a companion than a beast of burden.

It is our desire to continue this practice of domesticating nature by developing a breed that suits the needs and goals of the modern human with our Great Pyredane Breeding Program.  In short we plan to produce a versatile breed that can serve as Farm Guardian, Service/Assistance Dog or Family Companion as needed.

On the other hand, you can expect our Great Dane and Great Pyrenees breeding programs to continue to preserve the original intent of the respective breeds with an expectation that they should do what they were first developed to do.


Live updates on the progress of our breeding program are available through our Facebook page here "Great Pyredane Breeder's Association". 'Like' and 'Follow Us' there to stay up-to-date.

We recognize that many of the concepts expressed here about the breeds we offer flow contrary to the generally accepted opinions about the breeds as presented by mainstream registries, clubs and even some long time breeders of these marvelous breeds.


We invite you to approach this information with an open mind considering the content presented and referenced herein and through conducting your own independent research we invite you to form your own conclusions that may, after all is said and done, rebut some currently held mainstream opinions.

We hope to present an alternative point of view that we believe will serve to educate and ultimately enhance your experience from the selection of your future companion through the enjoyment of daily life with your next Best Friend from us.

We strive to produce the 'Best of the Best' in Puppies through careful selection from the finest Great Dane Champion Lines and Great Pyrenees Working Lines in the World. These magnificent canines source our parent stock of Great Danes and Great Pyrenees purebreds to produce the finest pups of the cross and the best of each breed!

Breeding Program Purpose

Great Pyredane Breeder's Association
Preserving the authentic Great Dane and Great Pyrenees parent breeds of the past while developing the Great Pyredane cross for today's lifestyle and beyond!

Great Pyredane
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