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Breed: Great Pyredane (F1)
Born: 11.28.2010
Color: Boston
Height: 31"
Weight: 120 lbs

Boston was fairly laid back as a puppy.


He grew up with his siblings until they found their forever homes, the last one leaving at around 14 weeks of age.

He matured under the direction and structure of both parents on our farm. This helped him to become a very balance and level headed alpha male.

Boston (son of Great Dane Coal and Great Pyrenees Molly in the photos here) joined our ranks on the day of his birth.


With the personality of his daddy, Coal and the bravery of his mother, Molly, Boston was one of the best Small-Farm Guardians around our neck of the woods.

Boston's skill:

that of a 'Balancer'.


When visiting dogs who were not balanced in mind expressed imbalanced alpha characteristics, such as stirring up conflict, Boston could promptly quash the action and set the dog straight with a measured correction.


Once the dog returned to a calm and balanced state of mind Boston kept watch but was never an initiator of trouble.

As Boston matured, he exceeded the height of his Pyrenees mother as seen in the photo here, and just as many Pyredanes do, he grew thicker and more robust than his more slender Dane father.

His favorite pastime was most definitely eradicating skunks from the farm. This kept our poultry safe from harm however it seemed every week he managed to find a new skunk to fumigate his short, thick coat.

Boston went on to father two litters, each from a different Great Dane female. This produced an F2b Great Pyredane, 75% Great Dane and 25% Great Pyrenees.

Above you can see him with one of his daughters and his mother.

The Great Pyredane coat color known as Boston (black with white marking on the underside of the body) originated from our Boston boy.

Boston's name originated due to the similarity of his Black & White coloration and the reminder of the Black & White Boston Terrier.

Upon retirement Boston was adopted by a wonderful family in Missouri

We love and miss you Boston!!!

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