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Continue Reading for Info on Puppy Selection and Great Pyredane Origins

The first Great Pyredane litters of the United States appeared in late 2009 on a one hundred and twenty acre farm located in the Missouri Ozark region with one local Apricot Marked Great Pyrenees called Molly and a Black Great Dane from California who answered to Coal.

Coal and Molly were succeeded by Shepherd and Tekhelet who would go on to produce the first Blue Great Pyredane using imported Great Dane and Great Pyrenees bloodlines. Blue is still among the most requested coat color followed by Chocolates, 'Quin coats, Merled, Black Mask Fawns, Brindled, Panda and Boston Coats.

This trainable, giant breed found homes across the country and eventually gained international interest thanks to networking via social media.

Admirers from other countries began to import the bloodlines of these magnificent, eager to please, family friendly, alert dogs.

Foreign breeders began importing Great Pyredane foundation breeding stock from this pedigreed and, for documentation purposes, Continental Kennel Club Registered bloodlines developed and maintained by Yiskah Reid, the original Great Pyredane breeder.

The inbox grew with positive feedback from delighted puppy parents who adopted their Pyredanes for purposes ranging from Service/Assistance/Therapy dog, Small Farm/Ranch Alert dog, Family Companion/Couch Potato to an Activity/Trail & Road dog.

It is not uncommon for friends and family members of adopting homes to reach out and adopt a puppy of their own after spending a little time with the breed. The list of reserves often include previous puppy parents eager to adopt their second or third puppy!

Growing interest in this cross has been met with the introduction of thoroughly researched, hand-selected and health tested Great Dane and Great Pyrenees bloodlines presented here that continue to produce that 'Best dog I ever had!' kind of puppy adopting homes have come to expect.

The majority of purebred dogs today are not, in their lifetime, likely to perform or experience their breeds intended purpose. The dog is instead repurposed, ignoring all  instinct and made to be a house dog or pet instead of the rodent hunter, bird dog, herding dog, livestock guardian or otherwise, it was originally designed to be.

The need for a modern day breed is acknowledged and met through the introduction of the Great Pyredane.

The Great Dane and Great Pyrenees as foundation breeds offer a versatile range of characteristics and qualities that serve to accomplish the task of meeting a variety of needs for the modern day family.

So the Great Pyredane Breed Standard developed and drafted by Yiskah Reid was broadly adopted and independently published as the Official Standard by unaffiliated breeders, designer breed websites, registries and others with a passion to support the development of this cross breed.

Great Pyredane Lines offered here at are known to produce:

Certified Service Dogs
Mobility/Therapy/Assistance Dogs
Farm/Ranch Guardian Dogs
Alert Dogs
Family Companions
Activity/Trail/Hiking Buddies
Couch Potato Apartment Dogs

As far as appearances the great diversity of color available on the Dane side offers a splendid pallet of color, patterns and shades to select from as mentioned above.

Great Pyredane coat lengths and qualities vary wildly.

They range from the super short, single coat as expressed more frequently with a heavy Dane cross to the long wavy, double coated, bi-yearly shedder expressed with a heavy Pyrenees cross.

Personality is a combination of temperament, instinct and exposures. Exposures may be used to further develop the personality based on temperament and instinct. It is important to begin with the best of these traits when selecting good breeding stock and to follow up with the proper exposures provided by a good breeder who will care for the puppy from weaning through adoption.

The Great Pyrenees is intelligent, thinks for itself, strong, stout and courageous among other qualities.

The Great Dane is trainable, eager to please, tall, elegant and graceful to name a few desirable traits.

Great Pyredanes have been bred and raised to concentrate various combinations of these qualities tailoring lines to meet individual need.

This site aims to educate and assist you in the process of adopting one of the best dogs you've ever had.

Here at you will be matched with the best candidates suiting your lifestyle needs and personal preferences.
If there are no current puppies matching what you are seeking your reserve holds your place for pick allowing you to adopt the very next available puppy matching what you need.

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