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Dane Litters
Pyredane Litters

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We began several years ago with one to two litters per year. After a few years and a growing bunch of some very happy puppy parents, we decided that the Great Pyredane deserved more attention than the couple of rare and highly prized litters we were offering.


It was then we decided we needed to write out a Breed Standard. So we took the data and information we had thus far and compiled a description that fit the majority of puppies we had produced and followed from our litters to that point. We submitted it for posting on a designer breed website (unaffiliated with us) that subsequently posted it as the official standard of which has served to provide insight to many about the Great Pyredane. Some of which discovered the hybrid through accidental litters of their own, rescue dogs from accidental litters or the association with someone else who owned a Great Pyredane.

Popularity in the breed gained momentum and other websites mimicking our own began to appear. Our breed description showed up on these sites and in the advertisements of many an accidental litter.

Pyrenees Litters
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