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Breed: Great Pyredane (F1)
Born: 1.12.2015
Color: Blue
Height: TBD
Weight: TBD

Lozen (daughter of Great Dane, Tekhelet and Great Pyrenees, Shepherd in the photos seen here) was born here on our farm.


She is a very active and social girl. Her piercing eyes always seeking a loving caress and affection from a generous guest, she is a big lover and best friend.

Lozen was always a more dominant puppy and self-confident too and yet...

She is so patient and good with our little ones.


During our then 4 year old's birthday party she lay without moving while youngsters with balloons played, squealing with joy and bound about the house tossing and flinging balloons everywhere.

Lozen's skill:

that of a 'Warrior'.


Lozen does not intimidate very easily. She will stand her ground if challenged. But being the Great Pyredane that she is, she is non-aggressive and never seeks a fight but you can assure she will likely end it if one finds her.

She is a wonderful, devout and loyal companion. She is playmate to our children.


Lozen's personality screams Pyredane to the core.

Lozen has many physical traits in common with the Great Dane and temperamentally she seems more like the Great Pyrenees.

When she spends the day indoors and has not been out much she loves to bound out the door and race around the yard at full speed exerting her energies which she seems to have no lack of.

We are planning to breed Lozen with another registered Great Pyredane who carries Blue European lines. That puppy is under evaluation as I write this.

We anticipate that she will be the first F1 of Blue Euro mothers of the Blue Great Pyredane lines as we breed to purebred status.

Such a Beautiful Girl Lozen!!!

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