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Shepherd joined our farm as a puppy. Her bloodlines originate from Great Pyrenees French Working Stock, imported by her breeder and maintained in America for over 25 years.

Shepherd's family tree is posted below.

Maternal Grandmother ~ Denalie
Maternal Grandfather ~ Arabella
Paternal Grandfather
Shepherd's Mama ~ Rose
Shepherd's Daddy ~ Thor

Shepherd's skill:

"Ultimate Livestock Guardian"


Shepherd is the most devoted Great Pyrenees I've had the pleasure of knowing. She stays with our small herd of Jersey/Holstein Dairy Cattle Sun, Wind, Rain or Snow. Pausing only long enough to watch over and care for her puppies when we are graced with her litters, bless her heart, as soon as her pups are weaned she's right back out with her cows.

Shepherd loves water. From the time she was a young pup she was climbing in the, already too small for her to fit comfortably, water bucket to soak in the cool water from the heat of the day as you can see on your right.

Shepherds largest litter to date was a Great Pyredane litter of fourteen puppies. She typically has seven to nine puppies but has had as few as five one time.

Shepherd Sit.JPG

​Shepherd loves to sit perched atop the big round bales of hay over looking her cattle.


Just before dusk, when Pyrs become more active, she enjoys playing on the ridge top with 'Lakota' our Male Great Pyrenees.

When the Danes come around she retreats back to her cattle and observes from a distance. In this respect she enjoys her space and solitude preferring the company of quietly grazing cattle over giant, leaning, people loving, Dane company.

Notice the changes in Shepherd's Salt'n Pepper coat from birth through maturity.


In addition to the larger black patches present at birth, the Salt'n Pepper coat in color lines develops black spotting throughout the remaining white portions of the coat as they mature into adulthood. This is known as 'ticking' and is common in lines such as these that carry heavy pigmentation. We anticipate three or four Salt'n Pepper coat puppies on average, per litter from Shepherd.

1.18.18 Shepherd Pregnant by Lakota 2nd.
2.28.18 Shepherd and Lakota (1).JPG

Shepherd wins the hearts of everyone she meets. She smiles her sweet "toothy smile" when you acknowledge her presence as she wanders over for a head pat and a "Good Girl!" praise.

Shepherd is a very good girl! In fact, she's the best girl a farm could hope to have.

2.28.18 Shepherd and Cattle (1).JPG

We rest easy knowing 'Shep' is on duty!!!

Shepherd has produced Blue and Boston Great Pyredane pups and the traditional Great Pyrenees color coats including:

Pure White, Salt'n Pepper, Black & White, Badger Marked and Full Blaireau Great Pyrenees puppies.

Contact us to Reserve any available puppy of your choice from Shepherd!

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