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Great Pyredane


Family Companion

Service/Assistance Dog

Small-Farm Guardian

How we Created the Original Great Pyredane:

Photo: 6 week old Fawn Great Pyredane Puppy

It's really quite simple...

We took one part well-bred Great Dane, Added one part well-bred Great Pyrenees. Allowed this beautiful blend to incubate for about 63 days when our first adorable litter appeared.

​And that is how the Original Great Pyredane came to be!

What Makes a Great Pyredane, Great?

It is no coincidence that combining the Great Dane of reputable lineage and the Great Pyrenees of the same, results in a most excellent large breed that is as suitable to the small farm as well as a most memorable family companion.

Great Dane's originally served as Estate Guardians and were used to hunt bear and boar and are historically portrayed protecting their human children whilst they played.

Great Pyrenees are Livestock Guardians renown for their fierce and protective nature warding off dangerous predators that threatened the lives of the tiniest newborn lambs to the freshly hatched chicks for the next eggs and meat producers of the farm this included guarding the lives of their masters and families from wolves, bear and others would be predators.

While conscientious breeding practices are of vital importance, under most circumstances the combination of the Pyr and the Dane creates a dog that seems to pull the best from both breeds resulting in a large breed companion that is known for being:

You'll love the attributes and qualities that owners of this breed are so very fond of from the moment you meet your new puppy.

The Most Common Feedback We Hear Is...

"The Great Pyredane is the Best Dog I've Ever Had"

Want to see what a Great Pyredane looks like from birth to adult?

This link will take you to our pUPDATES page where you can see our puppies all grown up and read what their Puppy Parents have to say about them.

We believe one of the best complements and most rewarding aspects of any hobby breeder is in the 'returning Puppy Parent'. This is the person or family who returns to us seeking an additional or new Great Pyredane puppy because of the enjoyable and rewarding experience they have had thus far with the breed.


But what has spoken even more for us is not only have we had a number of returning puppy parents but that we have had a number of the now grown children of our puppy parents who, in starting their own lives, return to us for a Great Pyredane "like the one my parents had" from us while they were growing up! That is what makes this endeavor such a rewarding blessing for us.

Learn more about what our Puppy Parents have to say and track your favorite Great Pyredane Puppies into adulthood on our pUPDATES page.
Can't get enough Great Pyredane? Come learn more about this wonderful breed and what our plans are for its future development here.
Coming Soon!!!
Learn what others have to say about their Great Pyredane's by joining our Great Pyredane Owner's Facebook Group here.
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Intelligent, Easy to train, Eager to Please and Quick to Learn

Great Pyredane Owners typically rave about how easy it was to train their puppy from potty training to obedience training.

Less Likely to Wander and Roam

The Great Pyredane a generally less inclined to roam than the Pyr with the addition of the Dane genetics.


Willing to Guard/Protect its Family (human or animal) Against Predators

Both breeds are known guardians and generally reported to be good with children.


Low Energy

Makes for a more laid back, easy going companion.


Short Coated

Making for easy to moderate coat care requirements since the coat is usually much shorter than the Pyr (about the length of a Labradors coat) they also tend to have a short undercoat.

Check out this page to see some of our most popular Coat Colors.


Better in Both Weather Extremes than the Parent Breeds

This is because while the shorter coat makes them more adept in the summer heat than the Pyr the undercoat makes them more resilient in the winter cold than the Dane. We have great success reported from our puppy parents who span the country from California to Maine and Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between.

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