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~ Puppy Updates: What do they look like now? ~


Thank you for viewing this page! It is a work in progress and currently under construction. Please enjoy the portions I've been able to create with the limited internet I've had access to over the years that I've worked with these large breeds.

I have internet once again since 2018 and left off working on this site. I'm really looking forward to posting all of the current information and developments from that time through today, 2023 to share all that has happened during the time I was 'off-grid'!


What happens after our puppies go home to join their new families?

What do they look like now that they are grown?


We ask the same questions and the feedback we receive is both impressive and so exciting that we decided to dedicate this section of our website to answering them based on what the families themselves had to say.

Please feel free to scroll through the profiles below. Hover over the photos to watch the puppy grow.

It's easier than ever now to follow your favorite puppy from birth through the most recent pUPDATE sent in by their family to help you better decide the type of puppy that may be the best fit for you.

Great Pyredane pUPDATES

Great Pyredane ~ 'Moxie'

Apricot Female, Born: 02.24.10

Height:    Weight:     Dane on Pyr

This is Moxie. She is 11 months now and is growing like crazy. Her and our Dane get along great! She has been wonderful with our son too! Thanks for our girl!"

— Bethany, Missouri, USA

Great Pyredane pUpdates

Great Pyredane ~ 'Boston'

Boston Male, Born: 11.28.10

Height: 31"  Weight: 120lbs Dane on Pyr

Boston joined the ranks the day he was born. He had personality just like his daddy, Coal.
Assuming much from the Dane but holding that delicate balancing of the Pyrenees.
He has since retired and has a new family in Missouri.

— Yiskah, Missouri, USA

Great Pyredane ~ 'Mac'

Apricot Male, Born: 11.28.10

Height:    Weight: 130lbs Dane on Pyr

"Mac turned 5 last Saturday and he is the sweetest, most loving dog we've ever had.

He is a little bit spoiled, but he loves to play with other dogs and cuddle with all his human friends.

He likes to sit on laps and run around in the backyard until he tires himself out. 

He weighs about 130 pounds and I'm not sure of his shoulder height but he is a big, happy, healthy boy!

People stop us all the time to tell us how lovely he is and what a unique dog he is." 

— Allie, Long Beach, USA

Great Pyredane ~ 'Lozen'

Blue Female, Born: 01.12.15

“Meet Lozen. She is the result of our Blue Euro Color development! She is an outgoing, social girl. We are very excited to introduce our first pups of the F2 Pyredane cross through her soon."

— Yiskah, Missouri, USA

Great Dane pUpdates

Great Dane pUPDATES

Great Dane - Phoebe

Born: 4.25.16

Lives in Puerto Rico.

Phoebe: Female, Great Dane

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Great Pyrenees pUPDATES

Great Pyrenees pUpdates

Great Pyrenees - Amelia

Born: 5.29.17

Lives in Kansas.

Amelia: Female, Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees - Aerabella

Born: 5.29.17

Lives in Missouri

Aerabella: Female, Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees - Alexander

Born: 5.29.17

Lives in Wisconsin

Alexander: Male, Great Pyrenees

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