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Breed: Great Pyrenees
Born: 4.5.2016
Color: Black
Height: 29"
Weight: 100lbs

Lakota was born in Canada on his parents farm who guard sheep and cows. This is Lakota with his mother, brothers and sisters.


His mama is fierce and the first one out to investigate when she senses something is not right. It's not uncommon for her to head up the battle against a predator whose come too close to her farm.

His father is a watcher of the flock and has a stunning ability to detect animals who are not feeling their best so they can be tended to before illness is typically detected. He does this by standing near and following closely the creature feeling under the weather. Otherwise he's found standing guard atop a nearby hill overseeing the flock from a distance.

Lakota's parents are seen working to your left.

Below from left to right are Lakota's: Uncle lying down, Father sitting in front, Mother sitting to the back and black and white older full-brother lying in front.

Lakota is perfectly suited with the personality type I love to see in my dogs. Not to mention he's such a big, laid back guy, he weighed a whopping 55lbs at just 5 months of age.

Lakota's skill:

that of an 'Intuitive'.


Lakota seems to be following in his Fathers paw prints when it comes to sensing feelings and emotion. He draws in close to those who are feeling down and offers his attention to help cheer them up at the most appropriate times.

Lakota is simply a magnificent Great Pyrenees in every respect and oh so gentle with all things small.

Lakota, you are so Adored!!!

11.28.17 Lakota (2).JPG
11.28.17 Lakota (3).JPG
11.28.17 Lakota (1).JPG
1.18.18 Lakota (3).JPG

Lakota is Sire for our Great Pyrenees Color Line Pups and some of our Great Pyredane Puppies too!

In addition to the already amazing Livestock and Poultry Guardians our Great Pyrenees make, our Great Pyrenees Puppies have also been adopted by some families and individuals to serve as Therapy, Service & Assistance Dogs.


If you would like to reserve any available puppy of your choice from a litter sired by Lakota, send us an email and let us know.

2.28.18 Shepherd and Lakota (1).JPG
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