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Our Terms and Conditions are established with our first priority being placed on puppy’s health and well-being. Failure to follow these basic guidelines outlined in the following Terms and Conditions constitutes a breach of agreement with us and we do not assume any responsibility for the results of such negligence.


Our next priority is to assist you in understanding what constitutes a condition in which we are able to assist you and those in which we are not, how we will assist you and how we will not. Since adverse conditions or issues may result from the chosen lifestyle and/or provisions offered by the adopter, there are situations in which you will not find remedy with us in the event such a condition or issue may arise. See the distinctions outlined below.


Finally, we hope to avoid any misunderstanding that may arise as a result of poor communication and it is our goal to maintain good relationships with our puppy parents so that you will know what we expect of you and what you may expect of us. All adopting families are screened to the best of our ability for Stability of home life, Level of experience or willingness to learn and apply what is learned and Anticipated Conditions to which the puppy may be exposed to over the life of such puppy.

Adopting any puppy as you know requires responsibility in which you are committing yourself for a decade or longer on average to the care and well-being of your large breed puppy. We as breeders invest our time, our hearts and our financial resources in the hopes that you too may experience the same joys, happiness and dedication we have experienced in our beloved and devoted companions. We go to great efforts to ready puppies for their new homes providing socialization, healthcare and customized training upon request to ready puppies for life with their new puppy parents we also offer lifetime breeder support for the life of our puppies.


When you Adopt a puppy from us you are making a statement that says you demand a companion that has been carefully considered as to quality in genetics, ancestry, health and relevant purpose for the needs of people today. Working with breeders like us helps to ensure better puppy placement as we work diligently to match you to the best puppy of the breed and litter of your choice. We find this helps to create better bonds between the adopter and the puppy not to mention this dramatically increases the potential of our puppies finding a home that lasts them a lifetime.

Terms and Conditions

As an avid dog lover and owner of large breeds (namely Great Danes and Great Pyrenees), it is important for me to be able to make the claim that my dogs and their offspring are among some of the best bloodlines available in regards to health and longevity and also for me to match that claim through performance.


I have been involved in our current project of breed development for well over a decade. This means that I’ve learned many critical do's and don't's in raising and breeding the larger breeds and like any good skill attained, this learning process has offered me a well-rounded education in my time as a ‘student’ to the process.


To this extent each time I meet a new puppy parent or family, I often wish I could just unload my years of experience into their mind so they may continue with the same high quality and standards of care I have learned to employ in our own practices. For the sake of our puppies, I can only hope our puppy parents have as much or more experience than I, but that is not always the case.


I realize that each of our puppy parents come from varying walks of life and differing exposures to their concept of the ideal family companion, guardian or service/assistance dog, and how to care for them. That, coupled with the variety of personalities that develop in any given puppy as its own individual self, immediately sets the stage for a completely unique situation for that new puppy parent or family.


Therefore it cannot be assumed that I can predict or anticipate every decision that our puppy parents or families will make in regards to their new puppy’s health or for their quality of life with them. I can however guarantee that if for any reason something happens to your puppy that I am personally responsible for that results in the death of your puppy, I promise to replace your puppy for free with one as similar to the one you had from one of our current or future litters of your choice.


Since I guarantee you will receive your puppy in good health, it is important you notice that by adopting one of our puppies that you will at no time or under any circumstances hold me liable or responsible for or to replace any puppy that perishes under circumstances that were either medically treatable, preventable by you, the adoptive family, or that came as a result of neglect or accident while in your care.


Therefore all guarantees expressed herein are contingent upon 2 basic guidelines that must be followed in addition to any specifics as described below. These are:

  1. That you offer only a high-quality large or giant breed puppy/dog food or in the alternative a nutritionally complete all natural RAW diet AND

  2. That you supplement with NuVet Plus with an auto-ship plan using your custom ordering code provided to you by me, Yiskah Reid.


This is of vital importance to the health and longevity of our large and giant breed puppies throughout their lives and without such, puts our puppies and dogs at unnecessary risk to the ever growing environmental toxins we are all being exposed to daily. We feel that a good highly nutritional diet is were great health starts while our puppies are with us and as such, may continue for them once they are with you should you adopt a similar dietary practice.


I will include with your new puppy a NuVet Plus transition supply so that they do not miss a single dose during their most vulnerable time for immunity while you await the arrival of your first order.


Part of my role in screening potential puppy parents for our puppies is to match them with the best suitable home for both their needs and those of their new puppy parent. This depends on a certain level of intuition and trust on my part, as I usually have only the claims made by our prospective puppy parents to go on in most instances since I initially meet our puppy parents for the first time via online forums and posts.


I do my best to evaluate several areas that pertain to the quality of life our puppies might expect and how educated the prospective puppy parent is about their new large breed puppy and their needs. If I discover a need to educate in some areas I do my best to cover pertinent information and ALWAYS make myself available to answer any questions that I am able to answer or find viable solutions to the ones I may not yet know about.


Often times there exists a number of ways a person can respond to a given situation and for this cause what our Puppy Parents may feel is appropriate for their puppy could differ greatly from what we feel is appropriate for them. Given this vast and grey area of extremes, I agree to be fully responsible and liable for any and all financial affairs and costs related to, in affiliation or conjunction with the needs or treatments that I or my licensed veterinarian deem necessary to the health and welfare of the puppy up until the point you, the puppy parent, take possession of said puppy with the exception for elective surgeries or operations requested by the new puppy parent while in my care. For instance ear crop or dew claw removal may be performed by our licensed veterinarian upon request for which Puppy Parent assumes all risks and costs associated with such requested operations up to and including the potential that death may result, for this I am held harmless. After your puppy leaves my possession you assume full responsible and liability for any and all financial affairs and costs related to, in affiliation or conjunction with the needs or treatments your puppy may receive or acquire, this is effective once he or she leaves my possession and enters your care regardless of cause or extent of treatment.


Healthy puppies require some basic essentials in order to maintain and excel in good health. These areas include good genetics, good nutrition and healthy environment. These can be mitigated with a sound breeding program, high quality food and a clean protected environment. When a puppy experiences lack in any of these areas it becomes susceptible to problems that can potentially result in death in the worst of cases. Both we and the new puppy parent contribute to the responsibility of providing these elements to the adopted puppy.


Puppy Replacement Guarantee


Losing a puppy can be a very heartbreaking and difficult time that may be emotionally stirring for us and others affected by such a loss. If such an event were ever to occur it is our desire that our puppy parents have a protocol in place so that no critical details are overlooked in order to properly determine and establish a cause of death and to timely notify us so we can make good on our guarantee to you should it be determined that the death of your puppy resulted from a non-treatable illness or genetic condition. In this event our guarantee offers you a new puppy of the same value for replacement out of one of our current or future litters of your choosing. Should you choose a puppy of greater value than previously adopted the value of your previous puppy will be deducted from the suggested donation of the new puppy and you are responsible to cover the outstanding amount.


The following steps ensure and are required to demonstrate that any claims made are verifiable and provable, without them we reserve the right to refuse to honor this free puppy replacement guarantee.

You need:

  1. A complete copy of this guarantee in its entirety signed and dated by us for your records to present with your claim. Not all puppies qualify for this guarantee so your signed and dated guarantee is your proof, keep it safe. If your puppy qualifies you will have been presented with one at the time you received your puppy.

  2. An official Necropsy (autopsy) report must be obtained from a Qualified and Licensed Veterinarian, at adopter’s expense, clearly stating the Time and Cause of Death and mailed to us through USPS within 10 days from the time you receive it.

  3. A complete medical history, any and all test results and any shot record (if applicable) for your puppy from the time you acquired your puppy, to be mailed at the time you submit your necropsy report above.

  4. A complete list of places you have taken your puppy outside of your home. (email is acceptable)

  5. A list of other animals your puppy had been or may have been exposed to. (email is acceptable)


This Free Puppy Replacement Guarantee holds no monetary value in the event of the death of the puppy, described herein, or otherwise and is only valid in the event of the death of the puppy described herein for the free replacement of a similarly valued puppy as a result of a non-treatable condition and/or genetic disorders terminating in death resulting from a condition based on our guarantee as the previous owner of said puppy. If Adopter wants a puppy of greater value the difference is to be made up by the Adopter before a puppy will become available.


5 Year Extended Health Guarantee


We hope that each of our puppies finds a health minded forever home, however this may not always be the case and as such poor dietary choices and irresponsible decision making can lead to a shorter and poorer quality of life for a dog even those under the care of an otherwise well-meaning puppy parent and dog owner.


We believe that despite all of the chemicals, toxins and fillers present in our world today, from dog food to the air in which we breathe, that there are a few simple steps that can be taken to reduce potential health risks from these exposures that our pets are sure to encounter from time to time and I feel confident in guaranteeing to replace your dog with a free replacement puppy in the event he or she dies as a result of an Inherited Genetic Condition.


In order for your optional, extended 5 year health guarantee to remain in effect is to continue providing:


  1. A high-quality large or giant breed dog food or a nutritionally complete all natural RAW diet and

  2. Supplementation with NuVet Plus with an auto-ship plan using your custom ordering code provided to you by me, Yiskah Reid.


Your faithfulness to the health of your puppy through supplementation is easily documented with auto-ship enrollment using your ordering code provided for you when you order your puppy’s NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is such an affordable alternative to pet insurance which does not serve to guarantee the health of your pet as we offer. NuVet Plus is such an affordable way to ensure your puppy receives the most beneficial nutritious supplementation throughout his or her life.

Life Threatening Illness Related Replacement Details

Any puppy or dog that has been cared for by the guidelines as set out above that succumbs to a life-threatening condition wherein death is proven to fall within all of the guidelines of this guarantee we will replaced that puppy with a puppy of the same value from the first possible breeding. If pups available are of greater value, we will deduct original purchase price from the purchase of another pup.  In no cases will pups be replaced with one of greater value without compensation by Adopter.


Note: Any and all costs incurred once puppy leaves my possession are the responsibility of the Adopter including but not limited to: testing, checkups, all replacement puppy transport costs and etc....

Regarding All Non-Life-Threatening Illnesses


We do not guarantee against death resulting out of negligence or accident or any non-life threatening health related conditions such as: Cherry Eye, Entropion, Gastric Torsion of the stomach such as bloat or colic resulting in death that can otherwise be treated or prevented.


While preventative measures for the following are diligently taken for puppy while in the care of the Seller, Seller does NOT guarantee against common issues that may develop such as diarrhea, wormy stool, coccidiosis, giardia, e-coli, ear mites, external parasites, and or stress due to shipping and or their new home.


All minor non-life threatening problems are not covered under this guarantee and are the responsibility of Adopter alone.


Dogs of all breeds are prone to bacterial, viral, staph and fungal infections as well as various forms of dermatitis, allergies, demodex and color mutant alopecia. This guarantee does not cover any skin or coat problems. We are not responsible for skin and coat problems that are common for dogs. Most coat/skin problems are easily and inexpensively treated for around $50.00. Breeders often times do not mention these common problems, however we feel you need to be aware that it could pop up in any bloodline and/or coat color. Not all dogs will be affected by a skin problem, but you must be prepared to treat your dog in the event that one may occur. We do not knowingly breed any dog that is a producer of a skin disease. There are no tests available for these problems prior to signs of infection. Adult dogs may be carriers and never show signs of infection. For more information on this, please discuss this with your licensed veterinarian and research for additional information.

Introduction to our Terms and Conditions

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