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Breed: Great Dane 100% Euro
Born: 2.21.2011
Color: Black
Height: 31"
Weight: 135lbs

Chloe joined our home when she was but a puppy. She was born in Texas. Her breeder raised European Bloodline Black and Mantle Great Danes.


She's tall, she's proud and always carries

herself in a very classy fashion.

Chloe is our oldest current Estate Guardian. She alerts at the arrival of visitors and guests. She also wards off would be predators helping to keep our farm safe.

Chloe's skill:

that of a 'Steadfast Companion'.


Chloe is not swayed in her devotion to her family. She's such a dedicated partner and friend. She watches over the daily activities of projects we undertake as if to ensure they are completed with her presence serving as her stamp of approval.

She's somewhat a perfectionist in her efforts and is one of the best moms raising up beautiful and healthy puppies.

Thank you Chloe for all of your hard work you are so very loved and such a wonderful mama!

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