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Breed: Great Dane
Born: 5.6.2016
Color: Brindle/Merle
Height: TBD
Weight: TBD

6.4.17 Dalton 8 wks.JPG
6.4.17 Dalton 8 wks (1).JPG

Dalton's skill:

that of a ''.


Dalton was adopted from a local breeder of Great Danes who has since retired. He and his Sister Harlee joined our breeding program and farm in the summer of 2017.


He is a balanced thick and stout dog. His coat color and design is simply amazing and something I enjoy pondering and musing over.

6.4.17 Dalton 8 wks (4).JPG
6.4.17 Dalton 8 wks (3).JPG

Dalton regularly greets us with a sweet toothy smile and happily wagging tail when returning from a trip to town for supplies.


He's a loving soul and content to lay under the shade trees watching while the children play in the yard.

Like most Danes known for leaning Dalton is no exception. Despite his strength and size he is careful not to push me around too much when he's loving me back.

9.11.17 Dalton (7).JPG

Lozen has many physical traits in common with the Great Dane and temperamentally she seems more like the Great Pyrenees.

When she spends the day indoors and has not been out much she loves to bound out the door and race around the yard at full speed exerting her energies which she seems to have no lack of.

We are planning to breed Lozen with another registered Great Pyredane who carries Blue European lines. That puppy is under evaluation as I write this.

We anticipate that she will be the first F1 of Blue Euro mothers of the Blue Great Pyredane lines as we breed to purebred status.

Such a Beautiful Girl Lozen!!!

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